PLOTAS: 280 m2

VIETA: Kaunas (Zaliakalnis area), Lithuania

AUTHOR: Rustenis Milasevicius
FOTO: Leonas Garbacauskas


This residential house is located in a historic part of Kaunas, Zaliakalnis, a locale where construction is strictly regulated.

The main goal was to find an understated contemporary architectural language through which the building could blend into Zaliakalniss historic context in as respectful and subtle a way as possible.

During the design process, the heritage values of the block were kept in mind, and the architectual style of the inter-war period was chosen as a reference point, while at the same time maintaining respect for this sensitive area of Zaliakalnis.

The relatively small land lot presented some limitations; therefore, it was decided that the garage would be built under the house.

It was also decided that the exterior of the house would remain calm and clean as much as possible. Great attention was dedicated to a precise execution of details as well as to stylistic and technical expression.