X-ARCH is an architectural and interior design studio with its head office in the city of Kaunas. Projects are executed throughout Lithuania and beyond its borders.

The studio owner and lead architect,Rustenis Vitas Milasevicius,possesses over twenty years of experience in architectural design and is a graduate of a master’s program in architectural studiesat the Kaunas Institute of Artsof the Vilnius Art Academy. He is certified as a manager of construction projects, including their architectural aspects, unlimited in scope and number, as well as project supervisor for construction groups and special building constructions.

The X-ARCH team consists of experienced project managers, enthusiastic and creative architects, interior designers, constructors/draftsmen, technologists and 3D designers.

We believe that architecture is a fusion of abstracts, ideas, desires and various technical possibilities.An artist creates an abstraction from reality, while an architect creates reality from an abstraction.When creating this reality, customers face an array of questions and many unknown variables. Themulti-faceted experience we have accumulated helps the X-ARCH architectural team solve complex architectural equations. Architecture is not construction alone. Striving to achieve the best result,we create a static concept.As the concept matures, then,line-by-line, innovative artistic and engineering solutions are connected.

The X-ARCH creative list of services includes
• public buildings: restaurants, cafes, and other dining establishments, banks, villas, clinics and spas
• other buildings
• interior design projects
• engineering systems
• infrastructure and landscaping projects
• accessory architecture and outbuildings (sheds, gazebos, benches, refuse bins, etc.)
• accessory design projects
• design of custom-made furniture

We are proud of
• our extensive experience in designing buildings and their interiors or sections of their interiors (especially residential spaces and dining establishments)
• our responsible approach to our work, our competence, and the high standards we set for ourselves
• our constant interest in innovation and attendance at international exhibitions
• our thorough understanding of construction technologies andour technical education
• our understanding that every minor detail is important for each and every job to achieve the desired result, whichis to creatively implement aesthetic and technical ideas
• our accuracy, precision, and highly detailed drawings, which enable us to avoid costly errors and accurately estimate anticipated job costs and save time; our approach is comprehensive and rational, neverrandomor left for contractors to finalize



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